You bring the commitment. We'll find you the job.


Mills Personnel wants to invite you into our family. We want you to know you play an important role in the success of our brand, and our ultimate goal is placing you with a company that you fuels your motivation and inspires you to perform at your very best.

Our goal is to have a large team of like-minded individuals who aspire to grow and improve through opportunities we provide. We do the intensive research partnering only with companies that we feel one hundred percent comfortable employing our team through, and we ask in return that you take every opportunity we give you as seriously as we do.

Mills Personnel works with every individual from every walk of life, and we are here to support you on the road to success. Due to our serious investment in your success with an understanding that life does happen, we operate on a *three-strike policy. Issues such as the following but not limited to tardiness, absenteeism, lack of communication, poor treatment towards coworkers or fellow Mills team members can result in a write up or “strike”.

We are different from the average staffing company. Mills Personnel is a placement agency that appreciates you. We recognize hard working individuals with thank you’s, positive verbal recognition, and incentives such as the Employee of the Month program to not only improve your hard week of work but also acknowledge your worth to Mills Personnel.

It’s imperative that you understand how important you are. You are the foundation to our company, a reason for our success, and we want you to not only know this but feel it as well.

So do not hesitate, contact us today and ask how you can be apart of this change in the industry. Be apart of our success. We cannot wait to meet you!

*Upon more serious infractions including but not limited to sexual/physical/verbal harassment, bullying, theft, etc, Mills Personnel reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate individuals in replacement of the three strike policy.

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