Our job is to make your Job easier.

Mills Personnel is glad to present to you TIPS Personnel; our general and skilled labour division of placement that helps bring you qualified candidates to fit your every need. You’re hiring a person, not just an employee, and we find passion in overtaking the stressful, expensive, and time consuming task of recruiting.

TIPS is ready to offer you a more affordable, efficient, risk-free and stress-free hiring process.

The temp-to-perm option offered by TIPS is designed to allow managers the perfect "assess before you invest" opportunity of evaluating available talent when searching for permanent personnel for their organization. 

Through open communication with you as our client, we give ourselves the opportunity to genuinely know and understand you. We specialize in building interpersonal relationships, and not only is it our job but we find passion in doing so. With this skill, we find excellent candidates who we know will enhance your work environment.

TIPS Personnel will match you to the qualified candidates that you’ve been searching for. From basic general labourers to skilled and ticketed workers of every trade, TIPS can source the best workers for your company.

With competitive pricing, opportunity for volume-based price adjustments, and a wide variety of skills to choose from, TIPS has got you covered.

All it takes is a phone call or email to get you started.

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Calgary: 403-216-0030

Edmonton: 780-474-9675

Newmarket: 1-289-763-6077