Kick That Cold!

We said it, the dreaded “C” word.

Happy cold and flu season! Is it just us, or is this happening way too soon? After all, it only seems like yesterday that we had snow… Oh… Wait…

Well, enough about that. While it might be that time of year, we do not want you missing out on earning some much needed moolah because mother nature (and whatever virus is kicking around your work space) has you down! TIPS is here for you, and we are about to share some of the best secrets ever to kick that cold and/or flu fast and start feeling like one hundred bucks all over again.


  1. Fluids, fluids fluids (and no, I do not mean fountain pop from Mcdonalds no matter how delicious it sounds). Grab yourself your favourite 1ltr water bottle and fill that baby full of water (and maybe even some lemon juice if you want to be fancy). And drink that sh*t all day, and all night. Keep drinking. Don’t stop. We apologize for the bathroom breaks in advance, but at the end of all this horsing around you will thank us.

  2. Have a chill? Skip coffee, and warm yourself up some nice warm water with honey and lemon. It’ll loosen the congestion and help you feel better in no time.

  3. Sleep. Yep, we just recommended nap time (but not on shift!). Go home, curl up with your favourite netflix series, and give your body time to recover. Grab your favourite blanket and enjoy this while you can. Resting your body is the only way you will be able to bounce back from this near death experience (tell your significant other that so they don’t harp on you about dishes or laundry).

  4. Celebrate with Vitamin C! Enjoy that extra glass of orange juice guilt free, pop a couple of those delicious Vitamin C gummies, and make this a routine part of your morning.

  5. Echinacea is another little natural trick that just might kick that cold faster than you expected! This herbal supplement made from purple coneflower comes in tablet form, teas, or extracts. Pick your poison and start feeling better ASAP!

  6. This summer was a dreary one, which means we lacked getting the actual Vitamin D our body needs! Try a Vitamin D supplement to bring back the invisible side of sunshine, and we promise you’ll start to bounce back in no time.

  7. Most importantly: WASH YOUR HANDS. Sanitize, use soap, be aware of what you touch and how often you touch it. Kill the bacteria before it makes it to your mouth and nose!

Do you have a secret to kick a cold or flu!? Comments are turned on and we want to know what you do to feel good despite this chilly weather!

We hope this blog post helps our crew members stay a little extra healthy this fall, or helps them bounce back from the yucky cold that has been running rapid these last few weeks!

Happy Fall!