The TIPS Difference

TIPS Personnel has been operational in Alberta for fifteen years, but what makes us different? We get this question a lot. From potential clients looking for qualified candidates to help complete jobs or projects, to our own crew members during their interview; why is TIPS Personnel so unique?

It start’s with our team, our internal recruiters, branch managers, national managers, and our owner. It start’s with how we treat our staff. When we pick a recruiter, we pick someone with important traits that match the needs of TIPS Personnel. We find people who are personable, self-driven, empathetic, passionate, and whose core values align with our own.

When we find a match, we invite them into our TIPS family. Our staff are taught they are important, they are valued, they are appreciated, and they are necessary to the success of TIPS Personnel. Why is this important? Valued employees value employees. By leading from example, we know they will follow suit in how they treat our crew members. There is no over the counter divide. Our team is our team, and that includes the crew members that have picked TIPS Personnel to matchmake a career for them.

Our crew members are priority. The TIPS difference starts with our internal team and expands to our crew members. Whether they found us after moving to a new city, because of personal struggles, because they need a second chance, they found us. And we believe things happen for a reason here. We get to know each crew member upon first impression, and if they are offered a position then the relationship expands. Our internal team learns their personal stories, struggles, and successes. More importantly, we invest into everyone with the intention to watch them grow.

By leading by example, treating everyone with respect, and personally investing into each individual, we can feel confident in providing quality workers to our clients. However, the ripple effect of our difference goes beyond our crew members. The most important aspect of managing is inspiration and motivation – lead well, and your team will feel empowered enough to provide efficient, qualitative work.

After a hard day of work, our client’s are first to be contacted. How did the day go? How was their project coming along? How did having our crew members make a difference? Is there feedback we can pass along to help improve their performance? These are important crucial questions that give us insight into our crew members.

TIPS Personnel is passionate, committed, and receptive. We are forward thinking, honest, communicative, and inspiring. We are the difference.

And that’s only the tip.