Belfor and TIPS Personnel have been partnered together for approximately 8 years. They have proven their ability to assist us when needed, and are eager to jump on an order as soon as we have the need for temporary personnel. Their client service, communication, and ability to be honest and upfront in regards to working together has proven to be an asset for Belfor Restoration. We are looking forward to continuing this long term relationship with TIPS Personnel, and would recommend their services to other companies interested in exploring a partnership with a recruitment agency.
Our experience with TIPS Personnel has been refreshingly different from many of our various past experiences. Their team encourages a strong and honest relationship with their clientele that has been continuously demonstrated through open communication, reliable resources, and fast turnarounds. We have appreciated their attention to detail, and willingness to listen and adapt to our needs, as every project is different for us.
The team at TIPS Personnel have been stellar in their efforts to meet our project labour needs. They are able to provide a broad spectrum of personnel services from general labour and cleaning, to trade specific individuals, as required. The office staff are very courteous and efficient with great daily follow ups. If you have a need of temporary site personnel, I encourage you to contact the team at TIPS Personnel
— Gary Gustafson (Senior Site Superintendent, glacier west construction)
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— TIPS Personnel



We will do our due diligence throughout our intake and application process to ensure the best quality individuals are brought forward. We will properly work with companies to ensure our crew members are rewarded with a safe, positive, and motivating work environment. We will only provide the best client service and employer support to our companies and crew members to ensure everyone is set for success.

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TIPS Personnel is a revolutionary recruitment agency changing the face of the staffing industry. With passionate recruiters, a well balanced National team, and a nearly flawless intake process, we are confident you will be satisfied in our services.

We are a Nation-wide agency with locations in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. We offer remote recruiting, in town recruiting, and camp recruiting with a vast amount of crew members capable in a variety of industries.