TIPS Personnel is a revolutionary placement agency that helps individuals like yourself find the right fit. Whether you are looking for temporary work during your industry’s “off” season, looking to gain experience, looking to stay busy for the summer, or looking to get a second chance in the workforce, we are here for you.


TIPS Personnel is a placement agency focusing on general and skilled labour positions in a variety of different industries. Our positions range from casual to full time, with focus on the application period where we can assess what will be the best fit for both parties. We focus on companies that share like-minded methods and approaches to management to ensure our crew members are well supported in a positive and safe work environment.


Why pick TIPS Personnel? We are a family. There is a stigma in the staffing industry, but we are changing it one face at a time. Our recruiters build relationships with each individual, we know the best and worst side of their stories, and we do not hold judgment. Our goal is to raise up the community, and provide opportunities to those who might not have the chance anywhere else. You are more than a worker, an employee, or a labourer. You are a person. And we want you apart of the family.

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