Out of Town Restoration Workers

Can you be flexible? Are you ready to leave at the drop of a hat? Then sign up with TIPS!

We have out of town restoration projects that leave on a moments notice. We're not asking you to commit, but if you're available when we call, GREAT!

We've been given a notice that there may be an upcoming project in northern Alberta, as well as a current project in Manitoba. 

Wages start at $15/hour, with a $2/hour bonus if you complete the project. Project lengths are always an estimate, and can run shorter or longer than expected, so it's best if you have an open schedule. Transportation, accommodations, and meals are covered. Shifts may vary, however they are usually 10-12 hours, 6-7 days a week until project completion.

Restoration projects involve a lot of cleaning and content moves. Depending on the site there could be working at heights as well. We're looking for detail oriented, patient, reliable people.

Interested? Send your email to team@tipsstaffing.com, Attention: Edmonton