Long-term relationship wanted!

Like long-term commitments? So do we!

Mills Personnel Group is a dynamic company working within the staffing industry to provide top notch service to a variety of clients. Our Edmonton branch is looking for a flexible, patient, dedicated, independent, upbeat, and outgoing individual who wants a long term career. Someone who isn’t afraid to start at the bottom and earn their spot on our team.


Ideal Skills:

-          Strong multi-tasking abilities

-          Positive ‘can-do’ attitude

-          Basic to intermediate (or above) computer skills

-          Detail oriented

-          Good memory

-          Proven self-starter

-          Excellent problem solving ability

-          Time management capabilities, strong sense of urgency


Our job here is all about people, whether it be our workers or our clients. It’s our business to know people, so separating truth from fiction becomes a big part of our job description.

Every day with MPG is different. Some days are absolutely hectic, while others have downtime. There will be situations you’ll find yourself in that you’ve probably never been faced with before. Quick thinking and a calm demeanour will serve you well here.

While recruiting experience is an asset, the right fit is more important. The ideal candidate is going to be teachable, open to new experiences, and enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

If this hasn’t scared you off, send your resume to christine@tipsstaffing.com, with the subject heading “Career”. All qualified candidates will be contacted.