Our Difference

Mills Personnel invests fully to every client, and every employee. Our recruiters and managers research every client before offering partnership, with the intent to only join with the best in the industry who we know will care as much about our own success as we theirs. We do our due diligence in getting to not only know the employees work ethic, experience, but their personal life as well.

Our recruiting team is fine tuned and well trained on the importance of matching client to employee and vice versa; striving for success with every placement made and every relationship built. No one is “only a number or company” to us, everyone has a face, name, and story, and we want to feel genuinely connected to those apart of our journey. More importantly, we want to be apart of their journey; client, and employee.

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History of Mills Personnel

Mills Personnel was originally established June 1st 1998, representing the owner and founder Jeff Mills. Since then we have made our mark in the staffing industry, with revolutionary approaches to management and placement of employees.

The divisions

Mills Personnel offers two specific divisions to help clients and companies find the best candidate possible: Watermark Personnel and TIPS Personnel.

Watermark Personnel is our administrative division, assisting companies in any administrative position imaginable, from entry to senior level. While TIPS Personnel is our labour division, focusing on all general, skilled, and ticketed labour positions to asset numerous clients in a variety of industries.

Our Impact

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